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ICOA Flight Plan Basics

Document courtesy of Travis Holland. “I also noticed that there is a big lack of knowledge about how to fill an ICAO flight plan, and the ICAO flight plan form on the website has no directions. Even with thousands of hours I still refer to it sometimes for IFR/VFR transitions, and proper syntax for non ICAO aerodomes (Is it /DEP or /ADEP…). DOWNLOAD THE PDF   Please login or become a member to view this page!… Read More…

Winter ’12 Magazine

Articles in the Winter 2012 issue include a first look at the 2012 Meridian, as well as Part II of ‘What the POH Doesn’t Tell You’, ‘How to Be a Smarter JetPROP Pilot’, and ‘Fuel for Thought’ which discusses different fuel measuring systems. Also included is a look back on the 2011 Annual Convention. DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE   Please login or become a member to view this page! YOU’RE INVITED TO BE A PART OF THE… Read More…

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