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Garmin 796 – Mirage Electronic Checklist

Attached is a Garmin 796 extensive electronic checklist I’ve compliled for the Mirage. It is kind of geared for my 2011 model but can easily be modified for any model. I use the 796 for backup and additional info in the cockpit. You can modify/add/subtract to the list by downloading the free Garmin “Aviation Checklist Editor” (ACE). I find it better than paper list as I can modify as items/priorities change. NOTE: You can download ‘ACE’…… Read More…

Flight Envelope – Surviving an Upset by Sean Roberts

A fascinating, if somewhat technical, discussion of certification standards, and how these enter into stall or upset recovery. DOWNLOAD THE PDF   Please login or become a member to view this page! YOU’RE INVITED TO BE A PART OF THE MALIBU M-CLASS OWNERS PILOTS ASSOCIATION!   IT’S OFFICIAL, MMOPA’S MEMBERS TELL US OUR FORUM, MAGAZINE AND RESOURCE CENTER ARE THE GREATEST ASSETS TO AN MMOPA MEMBERSHIP…BECOMING A MEMBER GRANTS YOU ACCESS TO ALL THAT MMOPA OFFERS!… Read More…

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