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Posts from December, 2013

Update on BatteryMINDer Issues

This document addresses some subtle, but significant changes that VDC Electronics has made in their aviation-specific BatteryMINDer models in late 2013. DOWNLOAD THE PDF   Please login or become a member to view this page! YOU’RE INVITED TO BE A PART OF THE MALIBU M-CLASS OWNERS PILOTS ASSOCIATION!   IT’S OFFICIAL, MMOPA’S MEMBERS TELL US OUR FORUM, MAGAZINE AND RESOURCE CENTER ARE THE GREATEST ASSETS TO AN MMOPA MEMBERSHIP…BECOMING A MEMBER GRANTS YOU ACCESS TO ALL… Read More…

BatteryMINDer Maintenance Charger Install

Instructions for the BM-AKI2 battery harness kit: “The instructions for the BM-AKI2 battery harness kit calls for its positive wire to connect to the battery relay and the negative to an airframe ground. In the Piper PA46, the battery relay is not easily accessed, so these instructions suggest accessing the positive battery terminal via the ship’s battery bus.” Download this PDF for the complete step by step procedure. DOWNLOAD THE PDF   Please login or become… Read More…

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