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Posts from March, 2014

Lycoming SSP400 (Mirage/Matrix Engine Op Recommendations)

This document was published by Lycoming (around 1998 I think) to recommend more conservative operating procedures than what is officially published in their PO (and mirrored in Pipers POH). It has become common knowledge in our fleet that if you operating their TIO-540-AE2A engine to cruise at peak TIT (their official guidance and limitations) it will be at the expense of longevity. These recommendations are more reasonable. MMOPA recommends that you print this guidance and save…… Read More…

Simplified Guidance for AoA Installation

This document contains summary outline criteria for determining whether a modification is a major change in type design or major alteration. The objective for AoA installation is to avoid both and stay within the confines of a minor alteration. DOWNLOAD THE PDF   Please login or become a member to view this page! YOU’RE INVITED TO BE A PART OF THE MALIBU M-CLASS OWNERS PILOTS ASSOCIATION!   IT’S OFFICIAL, MMOPA’S MEMBERS TELL US OUR FORUM, MAGAZINE… Read More…

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