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Posts from May, 2015

PA46 AoA for VFR Go-Around

Angle-of-attack (AoA) indication has been identified by the FAA as significant enhancement to safety in preventing loss of control accidents. In this video, the use of AoA is demonstrated for an aborted landing, transitioning to a full power climb for the go-around. MMOPA, along with the FAA, Piper Aircraft, and Alpha Systems AoA has developed an AoA installation for the PA46 that can be installed as a minor modification, returned to service with a mechanic’s log…… Read More…

520 Malibu Operating Analysis Spreadsheet

This 520 Malibu WITHOUT radar pod spreadsheet was developed by Chad Menne to give insight into conservative operating practices and is designed to be used in flight on your iPad. In general, the color of the field will indicate its level of good/bad value for the engine, or in some cases, the “bang for the buck” in wear and tear vs performance (most people would like to evaluate whether their operation is good for the given…… Read More…

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