Hotel Info:
Address: 3800 W Starr Pass Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85745
Phone: (520) 792-3500

Starr Pass Blvd. will lead you straight to the front drive where you will find valet parking and the resort’s main entrance. If you are self-parking, you may then go back the way you came to the parking garage or take the drive all the way around

Your Check-In Procedure Depends on Your Arrival Date! (See Below)

Are You Arriving on Wednesday, September 28th?
You will follow the standard hotel check-in procedure. Please check in at the front desk prior to parking.

“Are You Arriving on Thursday, September 29th before 4 p.m.?

You will partake in an elevated check-in experience this year!  We heard you and are now saving time at registration allowing you to connect with friends and spend dedicated time with the exhibitors. Whether you arrive via shuttle or car, you will enter the Tucson Ballroom/Exhibit Hall area, where we will have a team waiting with your room keys and a bell staff ready to tag and deliver your luggage to your room.  Now hands-free, you can connect with friends and browse the exhibits with a welcoming soft drink.

Exhibits Open at Noon!

Exhibits Open:
Thursday, Sept. 29th at 12 p.m. MST

J W Marriott Starr Pass Resort

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