Meet Mr. Malibu


Larry Grant bought the very first production Malibu. And he’s still flying it today. In early 2018, I was cleaning out years of documents from file cabinets in my Kansas City based office. Among them were original brochures from years of Piper production aircraft with an emphasis on Malibus, Mirages and Meridians. Being a packrat by nature, I was having separation issues relegating them to a recycle bin. The brochures were dated as they featured models…… Read More…

Blunder into Thunder

As seasonal hazards go, avoiding thunderstorms makes the first page of our risk avoidance playbook this time of year. Thunderstorms in the free MMOPA Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) app earned the highest risk number in the app at “8.” It’s safe to say the hazard is well-known. Growing up, most of us learned quickly not to put our hand on a hot stove. It seems intuitively similar we should also respect thunderstorms. Yet the PA46…… Read More…

Ice Advice


When using the icing prediction tools, here’s you need to know when planning a flight in or near possible icing conditions. On January 18, 2011, the Forecast Icing Potential (FIP) underwent a transformation to become the Forecast Icing Product. Found on the Aviation Weather Center Web site (, this next generation of FIP is following in the footsteps of its analysis counterpart, the Current Icing Product (CIP). The Current Icing Potential underwent a similar transition to…… Read More…

PA46 Safety By the Numbers


A 10-year review: getting Safer & But Room For Improvement “We learn through our experiences” or better still, the experiences of others. I’ve avoided the word “mistakes” because we also learn through good experiences. The information presented here is collected from the FAA and other public sources. Keep in mind that a lot of events go unreported. In this review, we’re going to look at the PA46 fleet data from 2009 through October 2018. The past…… Read More…

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