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Three common reasons why members have trouble logging in:

  • Not registered with the site – CLICK HERE to become a member
  • Forgotten Password – if you’ve forgotten your password, CLICK HERE to obtain a new one
  • Forgotten Username – if you think you may have forgotten your username, please email the MMOPA Website Administrator at


To register, simply click on the ‘Register’ menu item tab (or CLICK HERE). Then, enter the required fields including the username and password that you want to use.

The email address entered here will be used by MMOPA as your primary email address for all MMOPA business and notifications.

The physical address you provide will be used to send the bi-monthly MMOPA Magazine. No other mailings will be sent to you besides this.


Reset Your Password here. You will be prompted to enter your username or email address. For our database to find your account information, you must make sure the username or email address you enter is that which we have in our records. An email will then be sent to your address with the necessary password information.

If, for some reason, the system will not recognize you, please contact for assistance.


Member information is only viewable by authorized users logged in to

There are 2 mutually exclusive locations on the website with your account-profile information:

  1. Account ProfileYour primary Account information is in the ‘Account‘ tab on the main menu. Here are some direct links:
  2. Forum Settings
    Accessed via the User Control Panel (UCP) which is found on the Forums display page or from the Account page referenced above – There are many options that you can configure in the Forum system UCP, which are gone into in more detail in the two “Forum Setup” tabs below. We encourage you to explore the menu of options. Of particular utility:

    • Forum post Signature – the signature that appears at the bottom of the posts that you make. We encourage you to include your name, ratings, aircraft type, avionics, home airport. This information makes it easier for fellow members to understand your comments and requests.
    • Forum Avatar – you can upload and manage the small picture (avatar) that appears next to your posts on the website.
    • Forum Emails – you can setup and manage your forum post activity notification emails. More details on this below in the “Forum Setup – Email Subscriptions & Digests” tab.


User Control Panel – The UCP is the main forum profile tool, found on the top left of the Forum page. Here’s a direct link. This is the area where you can make changes to your Forum display preferences including such things as post/thread display order, whether attachment images get displayed in the post itself, etc. Go ahead and experiment with these settings to your liking.

The UCP is also the place to go to enable all the settings below.

Signature – A forum signature is the personal information that, if desired, is automatically attached to the bottom of each of your posts. We strongly encourage you to set one up. Your signature can include your aircraft type, N#, equipment notes, and personal contact information that you want easily accessible to other Forum users.Here’s the link for that.

Avatar – You also have the option to setup an avatar (a picture/logo to include next to your profile information on each post). If you wish to use an avatar, please use a photo thumbnail image of yourself, your airplane or a tasteful logo relative to your home field, etc. The link to setup your avatar.

To setup Forum Emails (subscriptions and digests), please see the following FAQ.


You can configure the forum system to send you an email notification and the content of any new posts in the forums that you are interested in.

There are 2 tools that provide forum emails:

  1. Individual Subscriptions of forum activity received immediately.
  2. Digests delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

NOTE: that these 2 forum email options are separate, so configure them both if you want BOTH individual real-time subscriptions and a periodic digest.

Email Subscriptions – Individual forum notifications by category

Actively follow the MMOPA forums in real-time by email while only having to go to the website if you want to contribute. Here’s the process for setting that up:

  1. First, check to make sure email notifications are enabled in your forum user profile. Click here and make sure the two checkboxes pointed to in the screenshot below are checked before pressing the ‘Submit’ button:
  2. Now you can select which forum categories to monitor. From the main page of a forum category (i.e. General, Avionics, M600, etc.) you can select the red ‘Subscribe forum’ option found in the upper right of the page.NOTE: this selection must be made for each forum category that you want to monitor.
  3. The forum notifications will now be emailed to the email address that you have entered in your account profile.
  4. Once forums are subscribed to then your list of subscribed forums is manageable in the Forum User Control Panel (UCP) here, under ‘Manage Subscriptions’.

Digests – A periodic summary of all forum activity that you want to monitor

You can setup daily, weekly or even monthly email digests. These will deliver all the forum activity for that time period, based on which categories you choose to receive. For example, if you want to receive all posts under the ‘M500’ section but don’t want topics from the ‘Travel’ section. There are a lot of settings here, so take a look at your options. Here’s the link to set it up.


The Member listing is found on the top menu ‘MMOPA’ > ‘Members’. Here’s the link. The Member Listing is searchable by many different variables and the profile includes Name, Email, Location, Aircraft type, N#, Home Airport and other member info, including any photos that the member has uploaded.


All membership registrations and renewals are made on the website, and you can choose whether you’d like to setup auto-renew payments or annual one-time charges. If you are already a member and are logged in, you can view your membership info HERE. Whether you have auto-renew or manual payments setup, you will receive an email notification when your renewal time is drawing near.


To create a classified ad, go to the ‘Marketplace’ and click on the ‘Place Ad’ button in the upper left of the screen. You can also return to an Ad that you have placed and edit it. Ads are publicly viewable, but only members may post ads.

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