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$ 6,000.00
Condition: Like New
I bought this around 6 months ago and have used it one time. It works perfect on a PA46, but my FBO tugs my plane for me so I really don't need it. I just though it was really cool, and thought I'd use it more. Pretty much an impulse buy. I've used several tugs in the past, and all of them pretty much sucked. This one is the best tug I've used hands down. This one has the lazy susan feature, so it's really easy on your nose wheel. It doesn't turn at all so you don't have to worry about any tow limits. The ramp to my hanger has a slight grade to it and the tug had no problem pulling the fully fueled Meridian up the hill and over the 1" lip into my hanger. It will also tow small jets like the Mustang. I think you can buy an adapter bar for the Cirrus also, but not positive.
I paid $7288.00 for it with the Led lights installed.

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AC TrackTech T1.5 – With Lazy Susan

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