MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation

The MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation’s mission is to promote, support and fund safety initiatives, programming, resources and tools.

Master Aviator Program

This program is the result of MMOPA having identified areas of flight operation that need improvement to increase safety. It provides a path forward for training for the PA46 pilot and rewards those pilots that progress upwards to ultimately reach the highest level (MMOPA Master Aviator).

Events Page

This page serves as summary of all PA46 specific training events that we are aware of and believe to be worth your consideration as you continue to learn more about your aircraft and improve your piloting skills.

Flight Instructor Listing

A list of MMOPA Vendor Members who have represented that they offer type-specific initial and recurrent PA46 training with an insurance-approved syllabus. Their inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or advertisement, but simply an aid to our members to locate and shop for qualified training.

Accident Reviews

An annual presentation at the MMOPA convention, this review relates accidents involving the PA-46. Breaking down the NTSB data and walking through many of the accidents individually, step-by-step, these accident reviews are a wealth of knowledge to all PA-46 pilots regardless of background or skill level.