Garmin 530W and more

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For Sale
Price: $7850.00
Garmin 530W and more

Condition: Excellent
530W removed for panel upgrade 530 W SOLD
I also have the following:

Garmin Transponder GTX 330D 011-00455-10
Garmin Transponder GTX 327 011-00490-00
PS Engineering Audio Panel PMA 7000-3PMA 7000
Transcoil Inc Piper Fuel Quanity gauge 9F100599-589
Horizon Aerospace Quad Digital Fuel Module 9A4010599-594
Bendix/King Radar Altitude Indicator KI 250066-3054-01
Garmin GPS Antenna GA 35 013-00235-00
Bendix/King Directional Gyro KG 102A 060-015-00
Bendix/King Slaving Accessory KA 51 B071-1242-06
Bendix/King Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter KMT 112071-1052-00
Shadin ETM Key Recorder 943200 GFG A
Mid Continent Lifesaver Attitude Indicator 4300 -4114300-411
Sigma-Tek Attitude Gyro 500b-371U149-010-1
Bendix/King HIS KI525A 066-3046-07
Mid Continent Turn Coordinator 1394T100-7Z
Bendix/King Encoding Altimeter ZEA 130A 066-03054--0005
United Instruments Altimeter PS50008-11- 25934AD-3
United Instruments Airspeed Indicator 8125
United Instruments Verical Speed7040
Trans Cal Industries Altitude Encoder/ RS232C Interface AdapterIA-RS232C-S
Bendix/King ADF KR 87 TSO 066-1072-04



Steve Seidner